Isn't it time that you put your best foot forward?

All growing businesses need to project an image of success without being restricted by cash flow. At the MW Business Centre, we have just the solution you need...

You may be in Johannesburg on a project, or starting your own business. There's no better place than the MW Business Centre for an immediate start. Our luxurious air-conditioned private offices are approximately 9 square meters in size and are equipped with ADSL, WIFI & a telephone line. These private offices are lockable and available for short or long term rental.


You can now have the Prestigious Physical address and still work from home without having to pay the office rental rates; a Virtual Office is your answer.

  • Prestigious Physical address
  • Landline phone Number
  • Calls answered
  • Message taking and forwarded by email
  • 1 x Complimentary use of a 4 seater meeting room for full day use (08h00 - 17h00) per week to a maximum of 4 a month, subject to availability
  • Complimentary Tea / Coffee & Biscuit station when making use of Business Centre facilities

Johannesburg Conference Centre

We offer 3 different sizes in our conference centres seating from 9 to 35. From our base in the Sandton Centre we are available to anyone wishing to host a conference in Johannesburg.

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conference centres

Johannesburg Special Event Venue

Our special event rooms are the ideal venue to introduce your product or company to a high earning audience. The Michelangelo Hotel has the opulence and style to help your launch.

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special event rooms

Johannesburg Video Conference Centre

Our video conferencing centre in the Sandton Centre not only covers Johannesburg but also allows you to communicate with anyone in South Africa or the world.

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Johannesburg Virtual Offices

Imagine a fully furnished and operational office connected to the world that you can move into in a few hours and lease for a few days, weeks or months.

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